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Project Peace Latin America (PPLA) is a nonprofit organization that promotes peace across the region by providing education in human values to its most vulnerable children and youth.

Using sports, culture and education as tools for human development, we work in networks of peace throughout Latin America and coordinate the implementation of projects that have a positive impact on the lives of children and youth.

Project Peace Latin America is a non-partisan, non-religious and apolitical organization that promotes the respect for human rights and human dignity, inclusion and tolerance.


• PPLA identifies local organizations, businesses, corporations, government agencies, international organizations and media and establishes an effective network of alliances for peace.

• PPLA leads and implements the continental program A Goal for Peace

A Goal for Peace provides soccer training to coaches, mentors, youth and children and incorporates educational workshops in leadership, tolerance, discipline, respect, motivation, teamwork, sport, sexual and reproductive education, Gender equality and gender violence.

See more at: http://proyectopazla.org/about-us/#sthash.kdiTqVtA.dpuf